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Champagne Coupe Glass Engraved I Love You

  • £23.00

Key Features

  • Exquisite traditional style champagne coupe glass.
  • Fine lead free crystal glass made in Italy.
  • Engraved with the words 'I ♥ You'
  • Gorgeous birthday, Valentine's Day and anniversary gift.

Product Description:

A beautiful crystal champagne coupe that has all the elegance of a bygone era. Simply perfect for the romantic who love a bit of tradition and lots of style. This chic glassware is certain to delight, think black and white movies, roaring 20's and hollywood leading ladies. Definitely a glass for the nostalgic and fine diners.

It's not just for champagne either. For the refined cocktail drinker who loves a Martini, Daiquiri or Manhattan, the coupe adds a touch of class to their cocktail. 

For an extra special and thoughtful gift, this classic champagne coupe glass is beautifully engraved with 'I ♥ you'. So romantic. 

A superb gift to buy for someone you love. You could even fill it with heart shaped chocolates and add to the romance.