Personalised Children's Space Book

  • £18.99

Key Features

  • Colourful and beautifully illustrated book.
  • All about space. Includes a story and fun space facts too.
  • Child's name incorporated into the story and illustrations.
  • Available in softback and hardback.

Product Description

A colourful and inviting children's story book all about space. It tells a wonderful story of a little alien who's going on holiday with Mum, Dad and Zoggle the teddy, but the family is bored of their own planet so where should they go? Our Solar System is the obvious choice, but what's the best planet in our solar system? Enjoy the alien family's journey with your child and their delight when they discover some fun space facts along the way. This is a lovely book for the inquisitive child, made all the more special throughout as the child's name is cleverly incorporated into the story and illustrations. A truly personalised children's gift. 

Product size: 282 × 205 × 12 mm