Personalised Recipe Storage Box - Decorative Lemon Design

  • £22.00

Key Features

  • All their precious recipes in one place.
  • Lovely wooden box decorated with a cheery lemon design.
  • Option for separating segments.
  • Personalise with a name and your own message to the lucky cook.

Product Description:

Even today in this digital age, it is still so satisfying to cut out a recipe from a magazine or make a note of a friend's superb Victoria sponge recipe! All those cut-outs and jotted down notes have to live somewhere and what better place than this fabulous recipe storage box. 

The pretty recipe storage box has a gorgeous lemon grove design on the lid and has room for the cook's name and your message to them. The word recipes is standard. There is the option for separating segments so she'll be able to keep all of her recipes in order. It just depends how organised she is, or hopes to be!

Product size: 18 cm x 24 cm x 7 cm