Personalised Wedding Date Chopping Board in Welsh Ash

  • £85.00

Key Features

  • Made from hand crafted Welsh Ash timber, every board is unique and one of a kind.
  • Environmentally friendly. The board is made from windfall wood meaning that only wood from trees that have fallen is used.
  • The board is treated with a special food safe beeswax.   
  • Personalise with the surname of the couple as well as their established year.
  • Title option available. Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs, Mr & Mrs.
  • Useful, lasting gift.

Product description:

A beautiful handcrafted gift that will be appreciated and used every day. Each individual chopping board is lovingly handmade in the U.K using the finest Welsh Ash timber. They are all one-offs and unique in appearance. Each displaying their own gorgeous natural grain of the wood.

Such contemporary good looks will always, today and in the coming years, complement the couple's kitchen decor wherever they choose to live. They are a perfect environmentally friendly gift too, ideal for the conscientious nature friendly couple, as these quality chopping boards are only made from windfall wood. This means that only wood from fallen trees is used.

The wonderful finishing touch to this lovely gift is the personalised engraving of the surname of the couple and their established date. Ideal as an anniversary gift as well as a wedding gift.

Product size: 45 cm x 26 cm x 2.5 cm 

Cleaning guidance: Clean with mild detergent and warm water and dry naturally standing up right. Do not soak the board or place in the dishwasher.